Cyprus Attractions


Cyprus is located at 35° north and 33° east of the Equator, in the north-eastern Mediterranean Sea, 105km to the west of Syria, 75 km to the south of Turkey, 380km to the east of Rhodes in Greece and 380km to the north of Egypt. Cyprus happens to be a popular destination, because of the easy access by plane through not one but two international-caliber airports, namely the Pafos International Airport and Larnaca International Airport.There are various air routes between Cyprus and Africa, Asia and Europe.

The Larnaca International Airport

The Larnaca International Airport is fairly new it only opened back in November of 2009. The new design of the terminal is done in a finger style, and contains 16 air bridges (making look similar to the medieval aqueducts) giving access to a central concourse, which allows most kinds of aircraft all the way from a smaller Airbus A321 up to a larger aircraft, namely the Boeing 747-400 Jumbo. There is a car park that is 1,750 spaces located outside this airport's terminal for the rental cars, private cars, buses, the staffs' cars and taxis. For more information, check out the Hermes Airports' official website.

Cyprus- The Cultural Island

All the countries around Cyprus influence it by seeping into the culture of the island, which is still primarily Greek with a bit of Eastern flavor. The citizens of Cyprus have a friendly, hospitable and warm nature, and we love to welcome the visitors that come here, this might be because we have been doing it for so many years. This is the ideal season for a trip to Cyprus, because the island is gorgeous with all the wild flowers blooming, to make a carpet of yellow, with accents of blues and reds. Mostly us villagers and farmers are quite busy clearing land, sowing, tilling, pruning and doing other things to get ready for summer.

Green Beauty of Cyprus

The green fields are full of barley and wheat growing to maturity. This is a fascinating time to travel to Cyprus with the mountains all in bloom with various plants and nature. The rivers still full of water from the rains of winter, offer a challenging terrain, ideal enjoyment for off-road driver and nature lover alike. Once again, you can stand in awe of the beauty of this island.

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