FAQ On Cyprus Rent A Car

What is your petrol policy
Our petrol policy is like to like.
How old do I have to be to rent a car ?
You must be 25 years of age or 23 years of age with three years driving license to rent a car from Cyprus-Carrentals.
In witch side of the road to you drive in cyprus ?
We drive at the left side of the road.
What is the speed limit to hire a car in Cyprus ?
The speed limit to hire a car in Cyprus should be in the motorways 100kmh in the secondary roads 80kmh in the towns and villages 50kmh.
Do you have airport delivery and collection servise?
We generally provide car hire in Larnaca Airport and Paphos Airport. We do deliver and pick up cars in these airports with free of charge between the hours of 08:00 till 22:00 hrs.
Can I drive over to the occupied area of cyprus ?
No you can not drive the car over to the occupied area because our insurance does not cover you at the occupied area of Cyprus.
Do you have a road servise in case of a break down ?
Yes we do have 24hrs road assistants.
Do you have a desk at the airport ?
No we do not have a desk at the airport but we do have a meet & greet service. One of our staff will be at the airport at the time of your arrival with a sign with your name on it to deliver the car to you.
What is the minimum and maximum rental durations ?
The minimum duration of booking should be 2 days. For a long-term booking, you should contact us.
Do you have any Airport Pick Up and Delivery Charges ?
There are no airport pick up and delivery charges between 09:00 HRS TO 22:00 HRS. But extra charge of 25.00 € will be taken between the hours 22:00 to 09:00.
Can another person drive the rental vehicle ?
No, unless his - her name is written on the argument.
I want a comfortable baby seat for my child. Is this available with your car hire ?
Yes. The Infant, Child, and Booster seats are available with our car hire service on request basis.
What is the extra hour or delay hour charges ?
Over 1 Hr delayed to return the car from the time it supposed to be return, it is an extra charge of one day.
Is there any discount if I rent for more than 7 days ?
Yes. If you rent a car in Cyprus for 2 days or more You will get a discount. For 7 days booking, you will get more than 50% discount. You can get an idea on our rates from our website offer section.
Can I hire a car in Cyprus from you at night time ?
Yes. You can hire a car from us at night time. However a small night charge of 25 Euros will be applied for pick up and delivery between 22:00 to 8:00 HRS.
What documents do I need for renting a car from you?
We need your valid driving licenses, Passport or ID Card.
What kind of insurance is provided by your company ?
We provide comprehensive insurance with excess.
What contact number should I use in case of an emergency?
You can contact us at +357 99 533712 or +357 99 681270 for emergency.
What forms of payment you accept to rent a car in Cyprus ?
We generally accept Master card, Visa card, debit card and cash.
Do you have any charges for Pick Up and Drop Off ?
Yes. if pick up or drop off is between the hours 22:00- 08:30 we will take the pick up or delivery charge.
In case a customer wants to extend rental period ?
In case a customer wants to extend his rental period, the client must notify our company 24Hrs before.
Is a deposit required, and if so, how much is it ?
Yes. A deposit from 500.00 € to 1000.00 € is required.
Is there a distance limit on car rental ?
No, there is unlimited KM.
Can I rent a car in Cyprus with a provisional driving license ?
No, Cyprus-carrentals does not allow the provisional driving license for renting a car.
Can I use my international driver license for car rentals in Cyprus ?
What are the major locations in Cyprus that you provide your car rental serivce ?
We provide the car rental in Cyprus at some major locations. They are Larnaca Airport, Paphos Airport and Hotels, Limasol and Pissouri.
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