Your Guide to Car Rental in Cyprus

The majority of those who visit Cyprus are drawn to its sunshine, historical depth, and vibrant culture; in order to discover more remote parts of the island or hidden gems thereof, it is necessary to rent a car. The procedures necessary for renting a car in Cyprus and planning an amazing trip will be discussed in this manual.

How to Choose the Right Car for Renting in Cyprus? 

Depending on what country you are from, you might say “car rental” or “hire car” if you are from the UK; however, no matter which term suits you best, there are different vehicles available at various prices depending on your needs and financial abilities while traveling around Cyprus alone or with your family members. Small cars might be the best choice for people who are traveling alone, while big families can go for large SUVs that can accommodate everyone comfortably during the trip. There is a car designed for anyone willing to tour Cyprus.

Cruise in Comfort: Automatic Car Rental in Cyprus.

Many of these tourists will not feel comfortable driving with a manual transmission. Nothing to worry about! Many Cyprian rental companies offer Automatic Car Rentals, thus ensuring smooth and hassle-free driving if you're not used to driving on the left-hand side of the road (that is how the Cypriots drive).Your Travel Buddy: Car Hire for Tourists in Cyprus.

As a car hire service for travelers, we get what you need when you're far from home. Our team speaks many languages, including English, so we can help with any questions about driving rules, sights to see, and secret spots you should visit.

A Helping Hand: Tourist Car Rental Cyprus

Being a Tourist Car Rental organization, we know what you look when comes to hiring company. Our multi-lingual staff (and generally speaking English is one of the languages) can help you out if you have any queries about regulations regarding driving, must visits in a city or anything off the beaten path which we think should also be part of your itinerary.

Hitting the Ground Running: Larnaca Airport Car Rental / Paphos Airport Car Rental

Just landed in Cyprus? Don't waste a minute! Most car rentals allow you to pick up your hired vehicle directly from Larnaca Airport or Paphos Airport. Hire a Paphos Airport Car Rental, either Larnaca or nearby simply collect your car on arrival and spend no time seeing the sights of Cyprus.

Freedom on Four Wheels: Unlimited Mileage Car Rental Cyprus

Let the wanderer in you come alive when you choose unlimited mileage car rentals in Cyprus. Drive around freely in the island at your pace, stop in the nicest villages, breathtaking coastlines and historical sites, everything minus the stress of watching the odometer. Perfect for those who want to go wherever their heart fancies.

Savvy Traveler? Finding the Best Car Rental Deals Cyprus

Travelers on a budget will be happy to know that many Cyprus car rental companies offer very competitive rates now. Go to the online booking systems, check the prices for the Best Rental Prices in Cyprus, and find the one suitable for your needs.

Language No Barrier: English Speaking Car Rental Cyprus

Communicate without boundaries! Look for companies offering services in English; their staff will treat you with warmth, combined with a professional attitude, and will be more than willing to help you out in whatever manner they can with your queries and other requirements throughout the process of renting.

One-Way Rentals for Flexibility: One-Way Car Rental Cyprus

Planning a multi-city itinerary? No problem! Take advantage of a one-way rental. You can pick up in one city and return the vehicle in another, so your trip planning will be easy.

Get ready for a feel of Luxury: Rent a Convertible in Cyprus

One will drive with class using our convertible rentals along the coastline. You will have a bereft of winds from the Mediterranean blowing through your hair, witnessing breathtaking views of the land of Cyprus, perfect for those seeking a little unforgettable and very luxurious touch on this adventure.

Ready to Start Your Cyprus Adventure?

With the right car rental company, you will unlock the magic of Cyprus at your own pace. Here's a guide to help you get the right company that suits your needs and go out to make those really long-lasting memories within Cyprus!

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